Hello everyone,

I’m AKA William Axton, the owner of colored tears, and in this post, I want to explain some discussions to you.
About the colored tears,

As you know, Colored Tears is a new Ltd, video game development company officially based in
Unit 5, 21 Hillstreet, Haverfordwest, Pembroke shire, UK (SA611QQ)
Company No.13472946
The financial owner of the company is my mother (%100, Only my mother, no any govermental organization, no other companies, no other persons and no one)
We are not just creators of video games; we make applications, video games mods, and more…
most of the products are based on my ideas so that you can call me the creator of everything in our company
This address is another department of our company,
Both of them are hidden from people’s eyes, but we exist in these places for real, but
we did not create some things like signs, banners, boards, etc. for all of our company departments
to show the people that: “Hey, we are here!”
that’s why you can not see us on the street pictures of customers that they have taken,
But why are we doing this? first of all:

1: Our service area for customers is online (EN-Language) & it’s worldwide
We have no In-person service (Only for customers)
these departments are here only for the creation better online services, etc…
But we are constantly working every day, and we are open 24 hours,
our online service is always active (Like our website)

2: Unfortunately we do not have any support for the company because our company is new, and I think
you and we do not need support cause all of the steps will be done by other verified platforms for
example steam and our website and services are almost like a showcase; I don’t know
How many years are passed, but if you are reading this, I am talking today, not about the future,
future will be better, and I promise.

3: Our service for customers will be done only on our website (coloredtears.com),
But you can see and use our products everywhere.

4: Our number phone for customers (+447984061771) is the bad way to contact us because of bad people and filters and limits (Most of the time may you won’t call us or we can not accept your call)
The best way to contact us is my E-Mail address ([email protected]), and of curse, send mail to our departments, and we will receive and see it! You can see our business profile
on google or google maps, or you can see the map by going to our website, info, and then you can see the map.

In some cases, the explanation is a sign of weakness, but in this message, I only intend to explain some examples, and I have not told lies or hidden things; our company is not fake; our company is not only on paper; our company is not a fraud, the company and Our office is legally registered and is active in the field of game development, and our company complies with the law and pays its taxes on time. There is no money laundering, illegal savings, or transfer of illicit amounts in the company. And any other unlawful abuse, such as being behind the financial curtain of another company, using only economic benefits, etc., is not and will not be in the company because our company is like other companies registered only for fraud. It is not, and I deny any rumors about these examples, all the activities of our company are constantly being inspected in the relevant centers. So far, there has not been any problem for Sharmat; the company’s seemingly suspicious and strange movements have reasons that are not. We will explain now. Still, when any problem occurs, our offices are legally registered at the given addresses. It is accurate, and it exists, but only because it is impossible to provide the conditions to provide face-to-face services to the people; it is not evident to the public because to use our services, call us, or otherwise, face-to-face services will not be needed from us. Our offices It is only for carrying out administrative and non-administrative work of the company. Finally, to prove our words, we will provide vital documents and evidence at the end of this message. Nothing of a public service company should be hidden from public view, even from company finance reports.

So, after all of this,
We are working like this for an important reason; I do not want to take your time more than this so in one text: For our safety working, For better services and important reasons like these (reasons are so many so I can not tell you all of them)
I promise Nothing terrible will happen, so do not worry about our weird activity.
Please forgive me for any issues that may occur and be aware that did not come from me and intentionally solve anything. Please get in touch with us to solve it, and I promise
that I will read your messages.

Thank you for reading!
Love you all
-AKA William Axton